Textile Inks

Direct Printing Products

Plastisol Inks

Iconinks inks are maximum-opacity plastisol inks, designed for printing onto most natural and synthetic fabrics.

IcoPlast PL
Phthalate-free plastisol ink – PVC containing.
• Excellent wet-on-wet printability.
• Unlimited screen stability.
• Excellent wash resistance.
• Build-up free.

IcoPlast Ultra ZX
PVC-free and Phthalate-free plastisol ink.
• Ultra low build-up – improves productivity.
• Excellent opacity – High impact prints.
• Low fibrillation – prints look better for longer.
• Soft handle – prints are comfortable to wear.
• Excellent wash resistance.

Solvent-Based Inks

For when you need the ultimate adhesion and durability, onto “difficult” substrates.
All of our solvent-based textile inks have a high flash point, and are exempt from Flammable Liquid Regulations.

IcoTex Nylo PE
High opacity ink for heavyweight fabrics.
• Good adhesion to most nylon and synthetic fabrics.
• Optional catalyst for maximum performance characteristics.
• Resists industrial washing at 95℃.


IcoTex Nylo PU
Highly-flexible solvent based ink system.
• High flexibility and good resistance.
• Good opacity, excellent adhesion and easy to use.
• Designed for light-weight flexible or coated fabrics.

IcoTex PFL
Resistant inks for Letterpress/Flexo Printed Fabric Labels (PFL).
• Designed for Letterpress/Flex flex printing presses.
• Highest opacity and colour strength possible.
• Excellent physical and chemical resistance.
• Highly cost effective.

Water-Based Inks

Water-based inks continue to be popular for applications where soft feel, or resistances to ironing / dry cleaning are essential.

IcoCharge DC
Discharge ink for cotton – specially dyed fabrics.
• Super soft and bright colours.
• Excellent wet-on-wet printability and screen stability.
• Low formaldehyde – when cured under recommended conditions.

Transfer Printing Products

Transfer products continue to offer maximum flexibility and efficiency for garment decoration. Our products focus on Sportswear, Tag-less label, Industrial wash and Lithographic printing– Iconinks provides the complete answer for the transfer printer.

Water-Based Inks

IcoFlex Performance IF
Water-based PVC Free and Phthalate-free System.
• Maximum elasticity and Performance onto high-stretch and ribbed fabrics.
• Superb wash fastness up to 90℃, depending on adhesive system used.
• Ultra-soft handle.
• Complies with the latest RSL and environmental standards.
• Non Hazardous product labeling.

Plastisol Inks

IcoPlast PL and Ultra ZX
Plastisol inks for heat transfer.
• Unlimited screen stability for the longest runs with fine detail printing.
• Very cost effective transfer production.
• 50x wash fastness under standard domestic wash conditions.
• High opacity with excellent stretch and performance characteristics.
• Non-hazardous product labeling.

Solvent-Based Inks

IcoTex Nylo PU
PVC-free and Phthalate-free Solvent Based System.
• Versatile solvent based transfer system.
• Good screen stability and performance in almost all factory conditions.
• 50x wash fastness under standard domestic wash conditions (30℃and 40℃).
• High opacity with excellent stretch and performance properties.
• Non DG product labeling.

Transfer Adhesives

A wide range of printable adhesives, hot melt powders and white back-up adhesives specifically designed to work with our textile inks for a wide range of applications.

Printable Adhesive
XMC378 – Economical Powder - Good cost / performance balance.
IFSSP – Super Stretch Powder  - Amazing stretch, softness, and adhesion range.
IFLTP – Low Temperature Powder - Low temperature fusing at 130℃.
IFHWP – High Wash Powder - Awesome washing resistance at 60 and up to 90℃.
IFLBP – Low Bleed Powder   - Used with Sportswear applications that need dye resistance.

ZX Foil Transfer System

• Mirror finish prints.
• PVC free and Phthalate free foil adhesive system.


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